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Alumni Forum 2012.

Foto: fireandice

For more than ten years now, TUM has been organising an Alumni Forum every two years: all alumni are invited!

7th Alumni Forum “Vivat TUM“(2012)

TUM Alumni at Campus Garching.

Foto: Klaus Lange

In the course of the two-day Alumni Forum of 2012, numerous guided tours were offered at Campus Garching on November 30, 2012. In addition, a festive dinner was held at the “Magistrale” at the faculty building of Mathematics/Computer Science. Subsequently, the “Vivat TUM” concert with the Symphonisches Ensemble München and the choir “vox nova” took place on December 1, 2012. Concert programme Vivat TUM 2012 in german language (PDF, Download 522KB)

6th Alumni Forum “Vivat TUM” (2010)

Vivat TUM Concert.

Foto: Karsten Pfeiffer

On November 28, 2010, TUM-president Herrmann invited all alumni to an afternoon concert at the “Philharmonie im Gasteig”. The celebratory speech was held by Professor Huber, TUM alumnus and winner of the Nobel Prize. In the evening, a reunion meeting took place in the ballroom of the “Hofbräukeller” at the “Wiener Platz”. Article published at KontakTUM Magazine, Vivat TUM – “Von den Freuden des Netzwerk” in german language (PDF, Download, 1MB)

5th Alumni Forum
“Back to Campus” (2008)

Foto: Alumni & Career / TUM

Foto: Alumni & Career / TUM

On Friday, October 24, 2008, the Alumni Forum started with guided tours to the TUM sites in Munich, Weihenstephan and Garching. On Saturday, the evening gala took place – marking the highlight of the forum. The matinee concert on Sunday forenoon was a nice finishing event for the Alumni Forum. Invitation and programme 5th Alumni Forum in german language (PDF, Download 2MB)

4th Alumni Forum
“TUM live 2006″ (2006)

4th Alumni Forum in 2006.

Foto: Alumni & Career

On October 15, 2006 – as part of the open day of the Forschungsgelände Garching and the opening of the subway station – the 4th Alumni Forum took place at the TUM´s Campus Garching. The rich program, which addressed adults and children alike, was concluded with a cabaret show by Vince Ebert. Article published in KontakTUM magazine, ” Mit der U-Bahn ins Bierzelt” in german language(PDF, Download, 314 KB)

3rd Alumni Forum
“TUM live im Jahr der Technik” (2004)

Alumni met at the TUM Department of Mathematics and TUM Department of Informatics

Foto: Alumni & Career / TUM

Throughout the whole year of 2004 – the “Year of Technology” – the faculties presented themselves with 50 events that were connected to the Alumni Forum. Highlights that should be mentioned were the Alumni Forum “Eastern Europe” with many international guests as well as the final event at the “Deutsches Museum”.  Article published in KontakTUM magazine „Eastern Europe Week“ in german language (PDF, Download 31 KB)

2nd Alumni Forum
“TUM live – Wissen verbindet” (2002)

Experiments with flames.

Foto: Sandmann/ TUM

The influx of visitors to the open day of the TUM during the 2nd Alumni Forum exceeded all expectations. More than 20,000 visitors visited the TUM and enjoyed the marvelous autumn weather on November 23, 2002. Subsequently, the Alumni Ball went on until early next morning.  Article published in KontakTUM magazine, Review Alumni Foren in german langauge (PDF, Download 658KB)

1st Alumni Forum
“Wissen und Visionen” (2000)

1st Alumni Forum in 2000 - Evening Event at the TUM Department of Mechanics.

Foto: Alumni & Career / TUM

The first Alumni Forum at TUM took place on November 11, 2000 at Campus Garching. The full-day programme was aimed at the entire alumni family: there were lectures in the morning – among others by Prof. Ernst Otto Fischer, winner of the Nobel Prize – and in the afternoon, the faculties presented their offers. In the evening, the participants went on to enjoy the TUM Alumni Ball. Article published in KontakTUM Magazin, Review Alumni Foren in german language (PDF, Download 658KB)


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