“Handbuch für Ihre Karriere” – The TUM’s career-manual

The 4th volume of the TUM’s career-handbook “Handbuch für Ihre Karriere” was published in the summer semester of 2016. It contains a comprehensive chapter on general application-advice, providing you with everything you need to know about the choice of career, career planning, job applications at home and abroad, interviews, assessment centers etc. You will also find TUM-specific offers and information in the respective chapters. Furthermore, TUM alumni who now work abroad share valuable information concerning the peculiarities of the local labour markets.

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The manual was published with a total of 7,500 copies and will be handed out to all interested TUM students and alumni while supplies last.

You can pick up your copy of the career-manual at one the offices of Alumni & Career.
The handbook can also be lent at all TUM-libraries.

Further information for ad placements for employers