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Call for ideas: Strengthen the International Alumni Network

Fotos: Astrid Eckert (oben), Thorsten Naeser (rechts),

Photos: Astrid Eckert (oben), Thorsten Naeser (rechts), BESTGREENSCREEN/fotolia (unten)


Call for ideas of active alumni to be presented in Munich

TUM Campus Munich, 1st July to 2nd July 2016 (arrival June 30th)

Deadline for applications: 15. May 2016


Interested in creating or strengthening TUM alumni networks in your country of living? We are looking for good ideas to revive local alumni networks abroad to be realized by alumni within the next 12 month.

The goal of the activities should be to connect TUM alumni in your region and all over the world. Possible suggestions could range from creating interesting events, like guided tours in towns or companies, sharing your cultural experiences or professional interest in various formats. They can be face to face or virtual.

All ideas are welcome!

Please send us your ideas by 15. May 2016. A jury will select the 5 best ideas and invite the alumni to Munich for the weekend of 1st July – 2nd July 2016 (arrival as of June 30th). Together with the other selected alumni and with the help of the Alumni & Career team, you will have the opportunity to develop your ideas and to plan your own event in detail. This DAAD sponsored workshop/trip (for alumni coming outside of Germany) is a fantastic opportunity to visit your alma mater and spend some quality summer time in Munich.

Apply simply by uploading the required form including a short description of your idea here or send it to following email:

Guests from Singapore at TUM

Two students explore the Research Campus in Garching

Die beiden Schüler aus Singapur mit TUM-Präsident Wolfgang A. Herrmann.

The two students from Singapore with TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann. Photo: Astrid Eckert

In May, Alumni & Career was looking for host parents for two 18-year-old students from Singapore – successfully! We would like to thank our TUM alumni, the Lehnerer-Rail family and the Küster family, whose great hospitality helped to make their stay an extraordinary experience. We would also like to thank everyone else who had offered to serve as host parents.

During their stay, the two young men had the opportunity to experience research work in progress at a laboratory on campus Garching. Their stay was part of the project “Building the Future” of the TUM-Branch in Singapore, which focuses on enthusing children and young people with technology and (natural) sciences.

Malcom Lau Jun Xiang mit seinen Gasteltern Familie Küster

Malcom Lau Jun Xiang with his host parents, the Küster family. Photo: Wen Qi Tan

Malcom Lau Jun Xiang mit seinen Gasteltern Familie Küster

Indra Putra Bin Kamsan with his host parents, the Lehnerer-Rail family. Photo: Wen Qi Tan

TUM Ambassador Professor Patrick Dewilde about the importance of networks for scientific thinking

Video in englischer Sprache: Based on his experience as former Director of TUM-IAS, Professor Patrick Dewilde highlights the role of networks for innovative, forward-thinking science and explains why it makes sense to have a university-wide Research Alumni Network at TUM.


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