Networking and Maintaining Contacts

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Foto: Masaputra / TUM

Regional networking tends to work out particularly well if there are committed alumni who organize local alumni meetings. Then, the regional groups can decide for themselves how they want to organize their meetings.

A combination of casual “Stammtisch”-meetings and one or two special events a year has proven to work well. The latter could involve visiting the theatre or a concert together – or a guided tour to an alumni’s place of work.
Some regional alumni groups meet up for social activities; to raise funds for the construction of a playground, for example, or to promote studying at TUM in German or international schools.

Building up a regional alumni network:

    • Found a new alumni group:
      Via the TUM network, you can contact the registered alumni in your region by e-mail. If you are interested, please send a message to or found your own group using the social media portal TUM Community
    • Help to make an existing alumni group visible:
      Volunteer as a contact person for your local group, so that alumni in your region can find you. You can also start a group in the TUM Community – the easiest way to communicate with each other.

Filling a regional alumni-network with life: