Information for Mentees

What is expected of a mentee? You will be the active part in the tandem and contact your mentor on your own initiative: after all, this mentorship is ultimately about you!

Foto: Magdalena Jooss

Catharina van Delden, Managing Director of an IT-company and TUM alumna EMBA.

Your role as a mentee:

Setting the agenda: You are the one to determine the topics which you would like address with your mentor in the course of the tandem relationship. You may specify the goals that you set out for yourself.

Initiate: You are the one to take care of arranging the meetings/conversations, to keep in touch, to suggest topics and to contact your mentor if you would like to discuss current matters – in short: You are proactive.

Implement: Implement the achievements you have acquired together with your mentor. Don’t miss the opportunity to try out something new!

Develop yourself: Be open to feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. If something is unclear, please ask for more detail. Together with your mentor, you will gradually develop positive alternatives for action.

Be the person in charge: As a mentee, you are responsible for approaching your mentor and for keeping in touch. You are the one who knows best when you need advice.

Trustful, open-minded, and friendly: Mentorship-topics

You and your mentor can decide for yourselves which topics you would like to discuss. The choice of addressed topics is determined by your individual wants and needs, your skills and competences, your commitment and your mutual trust. Please find an inspirational list of potential topics below:

Personal topics i.e.:  What is your current situation? Is there anything that is complicated, hindering, unresolved? What are your wants and goals; do you have a personal vision? What is your self-image – what might be your public image?

Topics concerning your studies/ your doctorate i.e.: What is the current state of your academic career? What are your priorities? What are the current challenges? Could it be worthwhile to study abroad or to complete an internship in another country? Would a postgraduate Master’s program make sense?

Topics relating to your career entry i.e.: What fields of work are you most interested in? Which qualifications do you have already, which ones do you still have to acquire? What position would you like to be in 10 years from now?

Critical personal topics i.e.: It is never an easy task to approach one another and meet on common ground. Please take your time to get to know each other within your mentoring relationship – you have a whole year ahead of you! As a mentee, you should present your ideas and plans, but also be curious about your counterpart.

Foto: Magdalena Jooss