TUM Mentoring for Scientists

Foto: Eckert/TUM

Photo: Astrid Eckert

Mentoring for Scientists connects international research alumni and guest researchers with young doctoral students and postdocs at TUM – focusing on exchange of experiences and on personal contacts between researchers on different career levels.

CONTACTS. Networking and broadening one’s horizon

Foto: facesbyfrank

Photo: facesbyfrank

When current and future researchers meet, they are able to broaden their personal horizon as well as their career perspectives. They become acquainted with new scientific challenges and research approaches.

COMPETENCE. Soft skills are hardware too

Foto: Heddergott/TUM

Photo: Heddergott/TUM

A professional researcher is not only dependent on expert knowledge. Other important factors are teamwork, sharing knowledge and making the best of one’s individual situation.

KNOWLEDGE. Across borders

Foto: Heddergott/TUM

Photo: Heddergott/TUM

Interdisciplinarity is more than just a catchword – it is real factor in everyday research. Taking a look at the neighboring disciplines helps to broaden one’s own scientific horizon.

CHANCES. Unexpected perspectives

Foto: Scharger/TUM

Foto: Scharger/TUM

Getting to know people with similar scientific backgrounds or with different career paths is an impetus to reflect on own potentials and to discover new individual interests and aspects.

Become a mentor

If you have visited TUM for a research stay and would now like to become a mentor, please contact us by sending us an e-mail including your CV or a link to an online profile: mentoring@tum.de

Become a mentee

Doctoral students and postdocs at TUM can join us as mentors at any time. All you need is an up-to-date CV, a letter of motivation and a photo – then you can apply: Apply here.

Information concerning participation and the mentoring itself

    • For researchers and research alumni at TUM as well as students and postdocs who are currently working at TUM
    • The mentors are current and former guest scientists of TUM
    • The standard duration of a mentoring cycle is twelve months, but some tandems start off with a short-term contract (3-6 months) while others decide to extend the mentoring period
    • Depending on the mentee’s application, a suitable mentor is found
    • The two of them will be given anonymized information concerning the other. If both sides agree, they form a tandem
    • If the first meeting is successful and both sides are willing to begin a mentoring year together, a tandem agreement is set up to govern the conditions of the mentorship


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You have been an international guest researcher at our university or you are currently at TUM as international research guest, planning to move on to a different research institution or a different country? Research Alumni Network

TUM Mentoring

TUM offers prospective students, current students, doctoral students as well as experienced alumni from science and industry a great number of mentoring possibilities. You can use these offers in order to develop your personality, discover new competences and extend your personal network. During all of these programs, a personal mentor will support you with advice and assistance for a specific period of time. TUM Mentoring