The TUM’s “Universitätsstiftung”

The tree of life symbolizes the Logo of the TUM Universitätsstiftung.

Photo: ediundsepp

In July 2010, various personalities of society and the economy came together to found the TUM’s „Universitätsstiftung“, aiming to provide continuous support for the Technische Universität München and to ensure peak performance.

Now, there are already more than 90 private and institutional founding donors – including many alumni. Every member of the extensive alumni-community can contribute to the growth of the funds of the Universitätsstiftung and thus be part of its success.

Every donation counts – and is very welcome.

The TUM’s “Universitätsstiftung” promotes several projects. Read more about two examples here:

TUM University Foundation Fellowship

Foto: Eckert/TUM

Foto: Eckert/TUM

Thanks to the TUM University Foundation Fellowship, the four of them will conduct research at TUM for at least one year (from left to right): Dr. Juan Leonardo Martinez Hurtado from Mexico (Semiconductor Microstructures and Quantum Systems); Dr. Genny Pang from the USA (Molecular Imaging Sciences), Dr. Marko Ukrainczyk from Croatia (Process Systems Engineering); founder, entrepreneur and TUM alumnus Roland Lacher; Dr. Annelies Vandersickel from Belgium (Thermo-chemical Energy Storage).

The Universitätsstiftung supports the “TUM: Junge Akademie“.

„It is time to give something back to society.“ In short, this is the basic motivation of one of the project groups of the ”Junge Akademie“, which developed an online platform to connect students or TUM-employees with charitable organizations.

Junge Akademie der TUM

Foto: Eckert/TUM

Photo: Eckert/TUM


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