Job Shadowing

Foto: Astrid Eckert

Photo: Astrid Eckert

The idea

As students or PhD students of the TUM, you get the chance to accompany an Alumni through their working day. You gain an insight into the work field and the job of your host. You can also find out more about career opportunities, check your own ideas about the future profession and make some valuable contacts. These practical experiences will help you to plan your career further.

The application process

  • You send in a brief job application (CV & short explanation about the area you are interested in) to
  • The Alumni and Career team get in touch with suitable Alumni to agree on the field of work and to obtain the best possible match
  • You and the Alumni host receive the contact data and agree on a date for the job shadowing day

You can apply anytime.

The job shadowing day

This involves getting acquainted and the information phase, a department/company tour, participating in meetings and internal/external customer meetings, gaining insight into current work tasks and issues as well as a final discussion & feedback.