Couseling Offered by the TUM Faculties

Foto: Benz / TUM

Foto: Benz / TUM

The faculties at Technische Universität München offer their students careers counseling oriented towards their specific subjects, as well as job-related events. Here you will find an overview of contact people at the faculties and links to the respective websites. 

TUM Department of Architecture
Marga Cervinka; Telefon: 089/28922351 – more information

TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering
Nadin Klomke; Telefon: 089/28922427 – more information

TUM Department of Chemistry
PD Dr. Eric Fontain; Telefon: 089/28914590 – more information

TUM Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Martina Spreng; Telefon: 089/28928356 – more information

TUM Department of Informatics
Dr. Angelika Reiser; Telefon: 089/28917284 – more information

TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ingrid Mayershofer; Studienbüro, Telefon: 089/28915022 – more information

TUM Department of Mathematics
Kathrin Ruf; Servicebüro Studium Mathematik, Telefon: 089/28917726 – more information

TUM School of Medicine
Meike Kühnel; Beauftragte Qualitätsmanagement in der Lehre, Telefon:089/41406303 – more information

TUM Department of Physics
Dr. Maria Eckholt Perotti; Referntin für Internationalisierung, Telefon:089/28914461 – more information

TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences
Temporarly there is no contact within the faculty. Please use the Career Counseling Service of TUM. Your Network

TUM School of Management
Dr. Annika Deichsel; Telefon: 089/28925045 – more information

TUM School of Education
Lisa Janoschek; Tel. 089/28924300 – more information

Reasearch Department Agricultural Economics
Susanne Minges; Telefon: 08161/713763 – more information

Research Department Biosciences
Dr. Michael Scharmann; Telefon: 08161/713804/ Dr. Astrid Bauer, Telefon: 08161/713492; Studienkoordination – more information

Research Department Brewing and Food Technology
Florian Loibl; Studienkoordinator; Telefon: 08161/714547 – more information

Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences
Dr. Sabine Köhler; Telefon: 08161/713336 – more information

School of Forest Science and Resource Management
Stefanie Ederer; Referentin des Studiendekans, Telefon: 08161/714550- more information

Internship Organization Weihenstephan
Kornelia Schredl; Telefon: 08161/713572 – more information

Graduate Centre Weihenstephan
Dr. Arne Schieder; Management; Telefon: 08161/712454/ Dr. Daniela Röder; Projektmanagement; Telefon: 08161/712453 – weitere Informationen


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