International Researchers at TUM

Meet the International Researchers, who are visiting TUM in 2016



Faheem Khurshied Butt

Assistant Professor at the University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
at TUM as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

Stay at TUM Jan. 2016 – December 2017
Host Prof. Dr. Aliaksandr Bandarenka
Research Interests
Energy Storage/Conversion, Functional nanomaterials, Materials Physics
Current Research Projects
V2O4 Functional Materials for Supercapacitors Applications

“I am only at the beginning of my research stay at TUM and I find it really interesting. It’s a new experience for me. People are very helping and caring, especially in my Lab and at TUM welcome centre. They try to help you at every possible step. I expect alot of learning from the scientific as well as cultural point of view here in Munich.”

Huashan Liu

Deputy Head of Department of Automation, Donghua University, Shanghai, China
at TUM as visiting professor

Stay at TUM Mar. 2015 – Mar. 2016
Host Prof. Dr. Martin Buss
Research Interests
Robotics; Motion Control; Mechatronics

Goutam Kumar Tanti

School of Life, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Dehli, India
As Postdoctoral Fellow at TUM at Klinikum Rechts der Isar

Stay at TUM Aug. 2014 – present
Host Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hemmer
Research Interests
Molecular Neurobiology, Neuro-Immune interaction, From genes to brain functioning
Current Research Projects
Finding immune targets in different neurological disorders including Multiple Sclerosis

“Simply, I am having great time at TUM. This is my first stay outside my home country and where native language is different than mine. I was skeptical initially but there are many people who are always present to help the international researchers.  My experience in Munich is really wonderful. It’s a truly international city with lots of people from different parts of the world. Most interestingly, the location of Munich is amazingly perfect! It is situated few kilometers from beautiful mountains and lakes as well as it is surrounded by beautiful cities like Vienna, Prague, Venice etc…….”

Pablo Albertos

Spanish-Portuguese Institute of Agricultural Research (CIALE), University of Salamanca
at TUM as Postdoc TUFF

Stay at TUM 2015 – 2016
Host Prof. Dr. Brigitte Poppenberger
Research Interests
Plants, Molecularr Biology, Agriculture stress conditions, Horticulture, Crops, Plant breeding

“I came to TUM to improve my future career as plant molecular scientist and to learn how to provide solutions to the current agriculture and horticultural problems.”

Jaehyun (Jason) So

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
at TUM as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

Stay at TUM 2014 – 2017
Host Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Busch
Research Interests
Connected Vehicles, C2X communications, traffic safety technology, road safety big data analysis, sustainable traffic operations and control
Current Research Projects
Hochautomatisiertes Fahren Verkehrliche Wirkungspotenziale

“TUM is specialized for science and engineering and has various different major programs, and the Traffic Engineering research group has of three different sub-groups consisting of powerful human resource. This colorful and powerful research environment is why I applied for the research position at TUM after my Ph.D. and postdoc years in the United States. I am truly enjoying my research journey here at TUM in developing new research ideas and conducting invaluable scientific research projects, with the great support of my colleagues, Professor Fritz Busch and the other postdoc/graduate researchers.”

Jorge Segovia Gonzalez

Universidad de Salamanca, Instituto de Fisica Fundamental y Matematicas (IUFFyM)
at TUM as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

Stay at TUM 2015 – 2017
Host Prof. Dr. Nora Brambilla
Research Interests
Heavy Quark Physics, Electrocuplings of Nucleon Resonances, Constituent Quark Models (CQMs), Effective Field Theories (EFTs), Dyson-Schwinger Equations (DSEs)
Current Research Projects
Study of Exotic Matter using novel Effective Field Theories. Analysis of Meson and Baryon Properties usin Quark Models, Study of Elastic and Transition Form Factors of Nucleon Resonances with Dyson-Schwinger Equations

“I am enthusiastic to find at TUM one of the best european academic and research environments”

Shuihua Jiang

PostDoc, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Nanchang University, China
at TUM as PostDoc thanks to the Sino-German (CSC-DAAD) Postdoc Scholarship Program

Stay at TUM Sept. 2015 – Febr. 2017
Host Prof. Dr. Daniel Straub, Engineering Risk Analysis Group
Research Interests
Slope reliability, Random field modeling, Geotechnical uncertainty characterization, Risk analysis
Current Research Projects
Bayesian Updating Performance of Anchored Slopes with Surrogate Models

“It’s a challenge for me to do scientific research here at TUM. I enjoy the time with my professors and colleagues who are always very friendly.”

Pietro Falco

at TUM as TUM Foundation Fellow, Marie Curie Fellow


Stay at TUM
April 2015 – April 2017
Prof. Dr. Dongheui Lee, Dynamic Human-Robot Interaction Lab
Research Interests
Perception-based control of robotic Systems, Machine Learning, Mobile Manipulation
Awards/Honors (Selection)
Marie Curie Individual Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, TUM Foundation Fellowship

Simone Scilabra

Neuroproteomics Department, DZNE
at TUM as Marie Curie Fellow

Stay at TUM 2014 – 2016
Host Prof. Dr. Stefan Lichtenthaler
Research Interests
Alzheimer’s disease, neuroinflammation, protein shedding
Current Research Projects
Investigating the role of iRhom2 in Alzheimer’s disease; Development of a T3TRAP to increase levels of TIMP3 in the tissue and decrease TNF-mediated inflammation

“Carrying out research at TUM is exciting. The scientific environment is vibrating and the university has provided me with full support to reach my goals.”

Geoff Dickson

Associate Professor, School of Sport and Recreation, Auckland University of Technology
at TUM as Visiting Professor

Personal Website
Stay at TUM December 2015
Host Prof. Dr. Jörg Königstorfer, Department of Sport and Health Sciences
Research Interests
Interorganisational relationships, Sport Governance, Ambush Marketing
Current Research Projects
Dissolution of Social Marketing Sponsorship

“I thoroughly enjoy my visits to TUM. The staff and students are very friendly, and the work is of the highest quality. It is an honour to be here as a Visiting Professor, and I hope the friendships built will be the basis of many collaborations in the future.”


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