Women of TUM



Foto: Eckert/TUM

Dr. Anita Behn-Günther

Dr. Anita Behn-Günther has studied  agricultural sciences at TUM. She is Associate Professor at the Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia

„I find enriching the opportunity to build a network with women from different cultures.”


TUM Goldenes Jubiläum 2013

Foto: Pfeifer

Dr. Liqiu Meng

Dr. Liqiu Meng is professor at TUM. She has been Vice President for International Alliances and Alumni from 2008 to 2014.

„I feel inspired by so many colleagues here at TUM, who are able to reconcile perfectly family with work.”



Foto: Facesbyfrank

Dr. Regine Keller

Dr. Regine Keller is TUM Alumna, professor of Landscape Architecture and Public Space and, since 2009, dean. Regine Keller is the first female dean of TUM’s history.

„I have been welcomed with open arms in the Dean’s Office. My male colleagues use to think: „With a woman in the commitee, we should be nicer!“. So, my presence seems to contribute to build a positive culture of dialogue.”