Worldwide Network

TUM relatives all over the world: More than 81.000 TUM alumni and current students form the TUM network. Find others in your area, get in touch in real life or virtually, and benefit from these connections for the rest of your life!

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Access anywhere and at any time!

TUM Community

TUM Community connects you with TUM alumni from all over the world: Over 30 country groups offering opportunities for personal exchange are just a click away. Why not discover for example TUM Brasil or TUM Iran! TUM Community

Local Groups

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TUM: Staying connected from abroad

Local Groups

There are contact persons for the TUM network all over the world. Find groups of TUM alumni in many countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. Local Groups

Research Alumni Network

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International researchers

Research Alumni Network

Did you complete a research stay at TUM – or are you one of our current international research guests? If so, welcome to the TUM’s Reasearch Alumni Network

Women of TUM Network

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Women of TUM

Women of TUM Network

Women of TUM – the network for female scientists, alumnae and students of TUM. Benefit from international exchange and mutual support among women in the industry and in science! Women of TUM Network