DCAN e.V. – Contacts for Chinese and German students and alumni

”Deutsch-Chinesisches Alumni-Netzwerk“ (DCAN)


Foto: DCAN

Foto: DCAN

The key aspects of DCAN e.V. are integration, mutual understanding, information, experience and long-term contacts for Chinese and German students and alumni.

The association encourages its members to get connected by providing a network and by organizing joint events.
The network aims to connect people with matching needs, such as Germans who are preparing for a stay in China (or are generally interested in China) and Chinese people who are currently staying in Germany.

Another aim is to help Chinese students to establish social contacts in Germany – and German exchange students will already have reliable contacts in China when they arrive.
Would you like to join the club and promote the vision of a better understanding by offering help and advice? Are you interested in taking part in regular meetings to shape the future of the club?

Deutsch-Chinesisches Alumni-Netzwerk an der TUM e.V.

Board of Directors

Ying Huang, 1. Vorstand (TUM BWL)

PhD. Yang Ji, 2. Vorstand (TUM Bau GEO Umwelt)

Extended board of directors

Stefan Liu (DCAN Web Präsenz)
Yidi Zhao (Fotografin)

Internet: DCAN
Email: vorstand@dcan-online.de
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