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Practical tip: Negotiating

Negotiating: With these 10 tips from business coach Corinna Schulmeister, you will leave negotiations feeling happier in future


Whether talking to your partner about where to go on your next holiday or discussing your salary with your boss – you take part in negotiations every single day, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Do you often...

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Practical Tip: Reaching Your Goal Through Questions

From the first meeting until the mentoring year is complete: different kinds of questions accompany the mentoring process. In the beginning questions are being asked to get to know each other better, later on more substantial questions help find one's own position, analyse personal strengths and weaknesses, solve problems and plan future steps. We hope...
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Practical Tip: Discovering Values

Values are what motivates us, our drive, but they also define our boundaries. Practiced values are one of the keys to a fulfilling (professional) life. Go on a journey to discover your values and get to know yourself and your tandem partner better. [caption id="attachment_17352" align="alignleft" width="300"] Discover Your...
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Practical Tip: What do I do when people around me are unreliable?

[caption id="attachment_16854" align="alignnone" width="600"] Clemens Graf von Hoyos. Foto: Robert Brembeck / Bayern LB[/caption] You have already encountered it during your school days: the preparations for the group presentation are moving very slowly because there is always that one person who is not contributing their share. It is exactly...
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