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Leading the way into the future

In July 2019, TUM was once again awarded the title 'University of Excellence'. With a prize money of 105 million euros for the timeframe of 2019 to 2026, the TUM AGENDA 2030 can now be implemented. President Thomas F. Hofmann explains what this is all about and where TUM will break new ground...

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Handover with a shared vision

An interview with TUM president Thomas F. Hofmann and president emeritus Wolfgang A. Herrmann

After 24 years as the President of the Technical University of Munich, Wolfgang A. Herrmann hands over his office to Thomas F. Hofmann. The renowned food and organic chemist was Senior Vice President for Research and...

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The new president is extending a greeting to our university’s alumni

There are only a few days that decisively shape a scientist's path of life. One such day for me was the 30th of September 2019 at the official ceremony in the Main Auditorium, when Professor Wolfgang A. Herrmann put the TUM President's golden Chain of Office around my neck. I was overcome by...

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