Practical tip: Self-talk about the meaning contents of your life

Are you curious to talk to yourself about the meaningful content of your life? What is it important for? You may realize this during the conversation, that – by the way – you should lead with yourself loudly.

Take your time and look for your answers to the following three questions:

1) Are there tasks in my life that I don’t want to miss?

2) Does my life mainly benefit myself – others as well?

3) What is my self-esteem based on?

Sculpture Johannes Berthold – Diskos 1985 (photo: private)

Notes on the three questions:

Be suspicious if the answer immediately imposes itself on you, possibly triggering a need for justification. So, that you don’t find the core of the answer. Perhaps because one of these questions causes unpleasant feelings in you.

Note to the tasks in question 1) Are they tasks  I “live” for or are they tasks in the fulfillment of which I receive prestige and material goods?

Remark to question 2) Do I miss out? Am I on an ego trip? Am I really well the way I live now and in the near future? And many lightly another question follows, which I immediately ask myself: Am I about to make something out of my life? 

Note to question 3)  How do my friends see me? Can I talk to some of them about such questions? How do I experience people around me when I relate this question of self-respect to them and at the same time see myself doing so? Do I have to compare myself with others?

On the basis of these and other questions I can show myself how rich I really am, how rich my life is already with meaningful content today and how much of it I still can earn. 

Take your time to ask yourself such questions regularly. And if you don’t come up with questions yourself, you can, for example, fall back on Max Frisch and choose questions from his “Questionnaire”.