Once a Guest, Forever a Friend

TUM Ambassadors 2014



Foto: TUM/Eckert

Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti

„My stay at TUM has been both culturally and academically highly rewarding”

Professor of Product Design at the Indian Institute of Science,Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Bangalore

Homepage  http://cpdm.iisc.ernet.in/people/ac/ac.htm

Stay at TUM
March – August 2013
Prof. Dr. Udo Lindemann
Research Interests
Design Theory, Research Methodology, Design Synthesis, Creativity, Sustainability, Product Informatics, Design for Assembly, Virtual Reality, Biomimetics, Data analytics, Network Enabled Manufacturing, Biodesign
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– Honorary Fellow, Institution of Engineering Designers, UK
– Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society, UK
– Elected Member, Board of Management, The Design Society, UK

„My stay at TUM has been both culturally and academically highly rewarding. Culturally, I came to know deeper the German and Bavarian culture. For instance, we went to Landshut to experience the ‚Landshuter Hochzeit‘, took a trip to Murnau to visit the areas where the paintings of Vassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Muenter underwent major transformation and enjoyed many soccer matches of the Bayern Muenchen. Academically, I could get involved in a number of research collaborations of high scientific value. With Prof. Lindemann I jointly organized an international workshop that led to a book edited jointly by us. Prof. Lindemann has been an excellent host, and I am grateful to him and his students, as well as the various departments of TUM for providing me a home away from home!“


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. Constance Chang-Hasnain

„The German style to conduct research  positively influenced the way I have been doing research since my return“

John R. Whinnery Distinguished Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Associate Dean for Strategic Alliances at the College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Homepage https://light.eecs.berkeley.edu/cch/index.html

Stays at TUM
February 2010; June – September 2010; June – August 2011
Prof. Dr. Markus-Christian Amann
Research Interests
Fundamentals of Nanostructured Materials Synthesis, Properties and Devices; High contrast gratings and metastructures; Broadband optical communications and enabling devices; Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL); Optical Micro-electro-mechanical structures (MEMS)
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– Quantum Device Award, International Symposium on Compound Semiconductor, 2014
– Outstanding Research Award, Pan Wen Yuan Education Foundation 2013 for pioneering contributions to vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)
– IEEE David Sarnoff Award 2011 for pioneering contributions to vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)

„During my stay at TUM I was able to establish a closer collaborative relationship with Prof. Amann’s research group on several projects, and getting to know quite a few of his students and their work. We published several joint papers, organizing joint conferences, as well as submitting joint proposals. In addition, I got to know Prof. Gerhard Abstreiter’s research work and started a joint project and published joint papers. I look forward to continued collaboration with TUM faculty. During this stay I also learned  the German style to conduct research with meticulous attention to details. This positively influenced the way I have been doing research since my return. „


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. Richard Davis

“It was a pleasure meeting and interacting with the faculty (and well-known visitors!) at TUM”

Chair and Howard Leven Professor of Statistics at the Columbia University

Homepage http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~rdavis/

Stay at TUM
2009 – 2012
Prof. Dr. Claudia Klüppelberg
Research Interests
Time series, applied probability, extreme value theory, spatial statistics
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– Koopmans Econometric Theory Prize
– Fellow of Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1995
– President-elect of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

„The structure of the research focus groups with a TUM senior researcher (Claudia Klüppelberg), a TUM researchers (Robert Steltzer), an overseas researcher (me), and two doctoral students was a great design. While it was a pleasure meeting and interacting with the faculty (and well-known visitors!) at TUM, I must say that the most rewarding part of my visit was becoming acquainted with the PhD students in statistics, especially the two, that I helped advised. They interacted with my students whom I brought to Munich for shorter visits, but also spent semester long visits at Columbia in New York. The cultural exchange between the TUM students and the ones at Columbia was exactly what one would hope for.“


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. Jae-Hung Han

“My experience at TUM has been just “great”. Most of all, it was a great pleasure to exchange ideas with TUM researchers”

Professor at KAIST, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Smart Systems and Structures Lab.

Homepage http://sss.kaist.ac.kr

Stays at TUM
Several short visits (June 2004, July 2005, July 2006, July 2011)
Prof. Dr. Horst Baier
Research Interests
Smart Materials, Structures, and Systems; Structural Dynamics and Control; Lightweight Space Structures; Bio-inspired Flying Robot
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– Best Paper Award (1st place), 2010 World Automation Congress (Symposium ISIAC)
– Creative Teaching Award,  2007, KAIST
– Associate Editor for 5 Int. journals

„My experience at TUM has been just “great”. I have visited the university several times, and all the visits were always so much enjoyable. I was truly impressed by the great facility, wonderful research environment, as well as kind and talented people. Most of all, it was a great pleasure to exchange ideas with TUM researchers. I would like to strongly recommend researchers in my area to visit TUM and to start collaborations. If you know what German engineering is and how German engineers are doing, you do not need to ask any more. TUM is an ideal place to learn and feel German engineering.“


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. Nam Pyo Suh

Ralph E. & Eloise F. Cross Professor Emeritus at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and former President of KAIST (2006 – 2013)

Homepage http://web.mit.edu/mi/www/NamSuh.html

Stay at TUM
Some weeks in 2002
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Reinhart; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zäh
Research Interests
Axiomatic Design theory, polymer processing (microcellular plastics, USM foam molding process, Axiometer for moisture measurement in polymers, Electrostatic Charge Decay NDE technique, foam/straight plastic lamination/forming process), tribology (delamination theory of wear, solution wear theory, theory on the genesis of friction, coated cutting tools, the use of undulated surfaces to lower friction and wear, and new woven electrical connectors), metal processing (Mixalloy Process), the On-Line Electric Vehicle (OLEV) and the Mobile Harbor (MH)
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– ASME Medal, 2009
– General Pierre Nicolau Award of the International Academy for Production Engineering, 2006
– Ho-Am Prize for Engineering, Ho-Am Committe, 1997


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. R. I. Sujith

“When I am at TUM, new ideas flow as if a flood gate has been opened”

Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Homepage http://www.ae.iitm.ac.in/~sujith/

Stays at TUM
Several short visits (2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008) and Hans Fischer Senior Fellow from 2010 to 2014
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Polifke
Research Interests
Thermoacoustic instability (primary interest), dynamical systems, complex systems, acoustics, fluid mechanics, combustion, optical flow diagnostics
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship, IAS, TUM)
– Swarnajayanti Fellowship, Dept. of Science & Technology
– Institute Research & Development Mid Career Level Award, IIT Madras

„Every year, I eagerly look forward visiting Munich in summer. TUM has a top class academic environment. When I am at TUM, new ideas flow as if a flood gate has been opened. Visiting Munich refreshes me.  Also, the colleagues are good sounding boards to new ideas. I really enjoy my discussions and arguments with Prof. Wolfgang Polifke and Dr. Christoph Hirsch. Munich is indeed a great city to live in; it has become my summer home.“


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. Sibel Tari

“My stay at TUM was wonderful.“

Professor of Computer Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Ankara

Homepage http://www.ceng.metu.edu.tr/~sibel/

Stay at TUM
September 2010 – May 2012
Prof. Dr. Folkmar Bornemann
Research Interests
Shape Analysis, Computational Creativity, Image Processing

„My stay at TUM was wonderful. The support at the chair was great as well as the support of the cultural office; hard to forget Dr. Beate Rattay-Förstl and her hospitality.“


Foto: Eckert/TUM

Prof. Janet Tate

“The TUM has world-class scientists, and is close to a large number of other excellent science institutions. This makes it an excellent place to be a scientist”

Professor of Physics at the Oregon State University

Homepage http://physics.oregonstate.edu/~tate

Stay at TUM
November 1987 – September 1989
Prof. Dr. Helmut Kinder
Research Interests
Semiconductors, thin films, energy-related
Awards / Honors (Selection)
– Milton Harris Award in Basic Research, 2007
– Frederick H. Horne Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching Science, 2002

„I came to TUM after earning my Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford University. I studied high-Tc superconductors in the first few years after the discovery of the 90-K superconductors. German scientists were at the forefront of high-temperature superconductivity, and I made many lasting professional connections that were especially important at the beginning of my career. It was an exciting time to be in the field and collaborate with colleagues at the TUM and other institutes in Germany. I remain in contact with several colleagues that I met during my time at the TUM, and these lasting personal friendships are most rewarding.“


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